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Pearl Harbor Kai is 75 years old!                            Hope you are enjoying your summer vacation!!  School resumes on Monday, August 6 for grades 1-6.  See you soon!
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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy


During 1996-97, the SCBM (School/Community-Based Management) Council explored the idea of Pearl Harbor Kai students wearing uniforms. After parent and student surveys, extensive discussion, and data collection, the school community decided that the wearing of school uniforms would provide appropriate dress and foster an enhanced learning environment for all. Beginning in the 1998-99 school year, the wearing of uniforms was mandatory for students in grade Kindergarten through grade 6. Parents often cite the wearing of uniforms as one reason they want their children to attend Pearl Harbor Kai.

In 2013, the staff, students and the SCC (School Community Council) revisited our uniform policy. We still believe that a uniform policy and dress code is a positive contributing factor to helping students focus on their learning. It fosters student achievement, school discipline, and perpetuates safety. The importance of having a uniform policy and dress code will support the success of all students academically, emotionally and socially. In order for PHKai to continue to be a safe place for learning, all students are expected to come to school following our uniform policy. This policy applies at all times on campus, on field trips, and other school sponsored activities (unless otherwise permitted by school or teacher).

School will issue the initial Student ID, however, a replacement will cost $3.00.


The Pearl Harbor Kai uniform consists of the following:
  • Properly fitted light blue polo style shirt
  • Properly fitted blue or red PHKai school t-shirt
  • Dark blue pants/shorts/skirts/skorts/jumpers/gym shorts (hem of these must be longer than the tip of the middle finger while standing with arms down)
  • Bottoms must be secured at the waist with no undergarments showing
  • Covered shoes (heel to toe) without heels
  • Name tag (first one provided by school, replacements are $3.00 each)
All students are expected to be clean and have combed/brushed hair. Clothes should be well fitted and in good condition. If a student is in noncompliance with the uniform policy, that student shall be sent to the health room for a change of clothes.  Parent/Guardian will be called to bring a uniform should the school not have a uniform for that child to use for the day. Repeated offenders may result in disciplinary action according to Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 19, Student Misconduct, and Discipline.

Items Not Permitted:

  • Jeans or jean shorts, surf trunks, sports shorts
  • Sunglasses
  • Waist chains, oversized belts or buckles
  • Hats, caps or other headgear (including bandanas)*
  • Oversized jackets, jacket hoods on head
  • Jackets which may seem inappropriate and/or offensive (e.g. language, drug paraphernalia, gore, etc)
  • Heels, Crocs, Open-toe, Open-heel, Mules

*Exceptions will be made for those with medical needs verified in writing by a physician.

Students must wear their uniforms daily. School spirit or special days will be announced in advance. (Appropriate clothing must be worn.) Please check the school bulletin/flyers/website for information.

Some uniform examples:

Uniform Waiver (BOE Guideline)

Parents wishing to exempt their child from the uniform policy may request to opt-out. Parents should meet with the Principal or Vice Principal to discuss the uniform policy and nature of the objection. The discussion will also include the acceptable student attire. Exemptions are valid for the current school year, and must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.