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Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2019!  We are so proud of you!
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Student Handbook

Student Handbook


Pearl Harbor Kai recognizes that homework is an integral part of the school curriculum and supports the General Learner Outcomes of students becoming Self-Directed Learners, Community Contributors, Complex Thinkers, Quality Producers, Effective Communicators and Effective and Ethical Users of Technology.  We believe that the purpose of homework is to help students establish a sense of responsibility, become more independent learners, and reinforce skills.


The amount of time spent on homework will increase through the grade levels and may be assigned on a daily basis.  At the beginning of the school year, classroom teachers distribute their specific classroom assignment policies.


We are an AVID school and our focus is helping students learn to organize their thinking and materials. The school planner is an effective tool for teaching organizational skills and students are expected to use the planner on a daily basis to record homework.  Please support your child by reviewing and signing the school planner daily.

If a child is absent from school for three (3) or more consecutive days, you may request for homework by calling the school office.  A 24-hour notice is needed for teachers when a homework request is made. You may pick up the homework at the front office after 2:30 pm of the day following your request.


Student Progress

Report cards are sent home quarterly. Parent-Teacher and/or Student-Led conferences are scheduled in October.  This is a time for sharing of goals and plans of action for each student. Parents are also encouraged to contact their child’s teacher any time there is a question or concern (421-4245).


Student Behavior Guidelines

The philosophy at Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School is the importance of safety and welfare of each child.  In order to have each child grow in self-discipline and develop skills in successful group living, the school needs to provide a learning environment in which clear guidelines are set for student behavior.  If students are to learn in a pleasant, secure, and safe environment each student must share in the responsibility of adhering to established school rules. A partnership between home and school is essential if we are to help our students achieve a high level of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation while working, playing, and learning with others.  The following are our student expectations:

  1. We expect all students to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
  2. We expect all students to follow school and classroom rules.
  3. We expect all students to complete school assignments  and homework on time and to the best of their abilities.
  4. We expect all students to use appropriate language at all times. (Swearing and teasing are not acceptable.)
  5. We expect all students to keep our campus clean and free of graffiti  - including classrooms, playgrounds, stairwells, bathrooms, cafeteria, and library.  
  6. We expect students that arrive on campus before 7:30 am to report to their classroom and sit quietly outside until the teacher opens the door.
  7. We expect students who have breakfast in the cafeteria to follow all cafeteria rules and report to the classroom immediately after breakfast and wait quietly outside the classroom with their classmates.
  8. We expect all students to stay within designated areas on our campus during school hours and only leave campus with an off campus pass from the office and with a designated adult.
  9. We expect all students to proceed directly home, to the designated bus or parent pick-up area, or to the cafeteria if registered for A+ at the end of the school day.
  10. We expect all students to follow the direction of the Crossing Guard and follow pedestrian traffic rules for their own safety.
  11. We expect all students to carry out these expectations and to accept the consequences for their actions or behaviors.
  12. We expect students, teachers, parents, and staff to work cooperatively to maintain the very best educational environment at Pearl Harbor Kai.
Cafeteria Rules
  1. All students must wear a school ID.  If students are not wearing an ID, they will be sent to the end of the line, if purchasing school lunch.
  2. Students shall not give, take, or accept food from other students during lunch or breakfast.
  3. All students should have a lunch during the lunch period.  Admin will be notified if students show a pattern of not having a lunch.
  4. No food should be shared or taken out of cafeteria. Foods reimbursed under the federal meal program are to be consumed by the students in the cafeteria per FNS 786-8 Rev. 1.
  5. WALK, do not hop, skip, run, jump, etc. in the cafeteria.  Keep hands to self.
  6. Students shall respect, obey and listen to the Adult Lunchroom Supervisors or any faculty or staff member.
  7. Students shall use quiet voices in the cafeteria.
  8. Students shall show respect to each other and use appropriate language at all times- no swearing, cussing, or teasing.
  9. Students will keep our cafeteria clean by helping to pick up after themselves.  Throwing food or any other object is not allowed.
  10. Students shall remain seated in their designed areas/tables until dismissed to empty trash and exit the cafeteria.  Permission is needed from the adult supervisor to get out of their seats, use the restroom, etc.
  11. A “Hall Pass” (written permission) is required (from the receiving teacher/adult) if a student needs to leave the cafeteria early.
  12. Students may be reassigned to another table at the discretion of the adult supervisor.
  13. Rule breaking students may be assigned immediate consequences by the Lunch Supervisors and/or Administration.