Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary

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Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2019!  We are so proud of you!

Memoirs Post your memoir

If you have any memoirs you would like to share, please click here. We welcome all students, staff members, former staff members and alumni to participate.

Captain JPO's Junior Police Officers
By: Richard ( Dik ) Mickle
Posted on: 2019-01-06
Year: 1956- 1959
Hit & run
By: Ronnye D Sutherland
Posted on: 2018-07-30
Year: 1966
The Old Gym
By: Anthony Lentini
Posted on: 2018-07-30
Year: 1960-1961
Scool Trips
By: Paul Fogo
Posted on: 2018-03-18
Year: 1970-1974
Tora Tora Tora
By: Cindy Pardy
Posted on: 2016-11-02
Year: 1969/1970
Jr Girls Patrol
By: Sherie Saylors
Posted on: 2016-03-17
Year: 1958-59
May Day
By: Dave West
Posted on: 2016-03-01
Year: c 1969
We love and miss Pearl Harbor Kai!
By: Cathy May Jones
Posted on: 2016-03-01
Year: 2012-2015